Scripting your Success: Your Own Heroic Journey

Jenna Oliver
Regis University College of Business and Economics

Session Description

Scripting your success is a course in storytelling that asks participants to tell their own ”hero’s journey” story and walk through the critical decisions in their life that formed the path they are on now. Based on screenwriting formulas, Joseph Campbell’s, “A Hero with A Thousand Faces” and several business leadership models, this workshop is designed to help individuals analyze their own “call to adventure” and career choices. Each component of the process they will engage, will help them discover 1) What they did ‘right’ in that journey 2) Who their allies and mentors are 3) What tests they have completed and 4) What they need to do next to revise their own stories moving forward. The writing and discussion exercises within the workshop facilitate taking responsibility for their own story and enable them to script their own success, as the hero of their individual journey.

Field of Study:
Personal Development

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